Services | Github

Below are all of the services listed on the github repo at the link provided above.

  • all-dapp-services - all services

  • auth-dapp-service - on-chain authentication client, using EOSIO permissions for auth

  • bill-dapp-service - transaction signing service for resource payment

  • cron-dapp-service - schedule CRON tasks on-chain

  • dns-dapp-service - DNS service for hosting frontends

  • history-dapp-service - specify and store historical data

  • ipfs-dapp-service - utilize the dapp::multi_index table to store data in IPFS (vRAM) instead of RAM

  • kms-dapp-service - key management service

  • log-dapp-service - contract log service

  • oracle-dapp-service - provide oracle services

    • all oracles can be found here

  • readfn-dapp-service - read a contract function without the need to submit a trx to the chain

  • sign-dapp-service - EVM signing service

  • storage-dapp-service - IPFS based data storage

  • vaccounts-dapp-service - EOSIO accounts that live in vRAM instead of RAM

  • vcpu-dapp-service - scale blockchain processing power horizontally

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