• update axios version

  • add sidechain flag to migrate command

  • update dapp-client mainnet EOS default API

  • add compile emoji to truffle compile

  • update default truffle compile version to 0.8.0

  • update to @openzeppelin/contracts" for auto imported code

  • create all-tests box to test all unit tests

  • atomictokenpeg - EOSIO <> EVM bridge, NFTs can originate on EOSIO / EVM. If NFT originates on EOSIO token ID is passed to EVM side as an NFT. That NFT can be sent back to the EVM side which will return the existing NFT on EOSIO. If EVM -> EOSIO then only 1 NFT ERC721 contract can be bridged at a time which usually means 1 NFT.

    • add atomictokenpeg.cpp to transfer or mint atomic assets EOSIO <> EVM

      • clearhist to clear history items

      • refund action to refund with tokenpeg's permission, pushes multi sig to EVM to return

    • add atomicnft.sol ERC721PresetMinterPauserAutoId.sol preset with allowance for owner of contract to mint tokens

    • atomictokenpeg.sol to mint/burn tokens, can only burn after authorization given to contract

    • add atomictokenpeg.spec.js EOSIO <> EVM ERC721 NFT bridge with automatic return EOSIO / EVM side

    • add atomictokenpegeosio and atomictokenpegxeosio EOSIO contracts for EOSIO <> EOSIO NFT transfers

    • add atomictokenpegevm2eosio.spec.sol atomictokenpegevm2eosio.spec.js for EVM -> EOSIO example of NFT originating on EVM

  • binancetokenpeg / ethtokenpeg

    • added clear history, burn tokens

    • comment out onReceipt to avoid a response from EOSIO (pushing sign service to EVM) to preserve gas

    • update bep20 token implementation contract to use latest @imports, use approveAndCall

  • tokenpeg EOSIO <> EOSIO token contracts updated and unit tests for

    • burn tokens

    • disable intervals

  • update sanftpeg.cpp Simple Assets NFTs contract / unit tests to new link lib failure macros

    • update simple assets code to latest

  • fix liquid portfolio example / APIs

  • create eosio/atomic libraries for interacting with atomic / eosio contracts in zeus's unit testing

    • await eosio.getTable(eosconsumerX,codeXSidechain,codeXSidechain,"creleases");

    • await eosio.delay(2000);

  • update existing unit tests to use eosio/atomic libs

  • add vuejs typescript based simple frontend box with anchor login anchor

dappservices contract

DSP Services:

  • use EVM web socket connection by default instead of RPC when setting up web3 provider

  • use sendSignedTransaction instead of awaiting receipt, receipt check caused infinite ping to EVM node

  • auto erase old batches

  • create separate handle message logic for EOSIO / EVM, EVM does not send receipt so not spending double messages

  • rm public declaration, make pushInboundMessage more secure with external tag

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