Upgrade DSP Node

For all new releases, please test on the Kylin testnet for at least one week before deploying to a production environment.

Link: sample-config.toml

# as root
sudo su -
systemctl stop ipfs
systemctl stop nodeos
# if changes to sample-config.toml syntax, update
nano ~/.dsp/config.toml
# use pm2 process manager to kill all processes and delete them
pm2 kill
pm2 del all
# uninstall
npm uninstall -g @liquidapps/dsp

# as USER
sudo chown ubuntu:ubuntu /home/ubuntu/.pm2/rpc.sock /home/ubuntu/.pm2/pub.sock
npm uninstall -g @liquidapps/dsp

sudo su -
npm install -g @liquidapps/dsp --unsafe-perm=true
# Ensure no new updates to the `sample-config.toml` file are present, if so, update your config.toml accordingly.
sudo find / -name sample-config.toml
# nano <PATH>
systemctl start nodeos
systemctl start ipfs

If a DSP is not updating properly, you may try pm2 restart all to restart all processes.

Script for updating:

#! /bin/bash
systemctl stop dsp
pm2 kill
pm2 del all
npm uninstall -g @liquidapps/dsp
npm i -g @liquidapps/dsp --unsafe-perm=true
cd $(readlink -f `which setup-dsp` | xargs dirname)

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