Zeus-cmd is an extensible command line tool for building blockchain applications, inspired by ETH's truffle.

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Checkout the following getting started article:

Zeus Offers:

  • Single command smart contract testing using the Mocha/Chai framework, includes helper library and key management system

  • Easy smart contract compiling (no more eosio-cpp / messing with CMake files)

  • Installs all necessary dependencies for smart contract development(nodes, keosd, cleos, eosio.cdt, system contracts, IPFS, gnache, etc)

  • Bootstrap a blockchain local testnet (nodeos, system contracts) in as little as 10 seconds!

  • Run a full testing suite for DAPP Network Services including gnache (ethereum), IPFS, 2 nodeos instances for 2 blockchains, setting system contracts, PostgreSQL database, 2 DSPs

  • Truffle-like interface

  • Compile and deploy smart contracts easily to other chains like the CryptoKylin and Jungle testnets.

  • Design fluid dApp frontends

  • Cross-platform (Windows, OS X, Linux)

  • Zeus's zeus-box system is similar to npm (zeus_boxes -> node_modules, zeus box create, npm init, zeus unbox <BOX -> npm i <PACKAGE>)

  • Manage development lifecycle with version control

  • Open source (BSD License)

  • Collection of helpful commands for general smart contract development as well as DAPP Service development

If you want to be up and running with Zeus quickly, you can use our cloud based Zeus-IDE, all you need is a Github account! Try it here!

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