@liquidapps/dsp - 2.0.2527-latest

  • add logging in /dsp/logs
  • config.toml
    • Demux: head_block - can now set head block for demux to sync from
    • Demux: deprecated zmq_plugin support
    • Database: url - must set PostgressSQL database URL. Avoid duplicates, last processed block in db, etc.
    • Database: node_env - set to production to enable PostgressSQL database
  • fixes
    • demux out-of-sync issue
    • de-duplication of requests and ability to resume dsp from last block
    • read past end of Buffer demux issue

@liquidapps/zeus-cmd - 2.0.2527

  • updated to eosjs 20
  • added eosjs1 compatibility wrapper
  • enable migration to non-local eos chains
  • LiquidAccounts - add nonce, chain_id, and expiry to transactions params
  • fixes
    • Oracles - K out of N DSP results support. multi-dsp support fixes - adjust results size | code
    • Scheduler - added callback retries and better contract verification of timers. easier rescheduling of timers from callback (by returning ‘true’ in the function)
    • LiquidAccounts - fixed potential replay attack. added expiry, nonce and chainid verification in contract. Requires xvinit action to set chain_id for contract | code
  • get dappservices and dappairhodl1 tables
  • push readfn and LiquidAccount transactions


  • Added IPFS info - bootstrap from existing node, swarm / bootstrap peers
  • Added PostgressSQL Database info
  • Updated EOS v1.8.4
  • Updates IPFS v0.4.22
  • Add cleanup and replay-contract information
  • added support email: [email protected]
  • Enable/Disable Package - enablepkg, disablepkg
  • 3rd party staking support