DAPP Network Services

DAPP Network services are provided by DAPP Service Providers, to read more about becoming a DSP read here.


  • vRAM - trust-less caching layer for EOSIO RAM, reduces total RAM needed for running DAPPs

  • LiquidHarmony - suite of oracle request formats and examples (price feeds, random numbers, etc)

  • LiquidScheduler - on-chain one-time or re-occuring cron service (fetching a price)

  • LiquidAccounts - EOSIO accounts stored in vRAM versus RAM

  • LiquidStorage - IPFS storage service (images, videos, etc)

  • LiquidLink - arbitrary EOSIO / ETH (EVM) multi signature signing service

Note that if you are using smart contract console prints, they must conform to this format

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