A total amount of 100,000,000 DAPP will be allocated and divided between all the accounts that hold EOS at block #36,568,000 (β€œPioneer Holders”) and distributed via our unique Air-HODL mechanism.

You can view all snapshot information here.

The Air-HODLed DAPP tokens will be distributed on a block by block basis, matching up to a maximum of 3 million EOS per account. The tokens will be continuously vested on a block to block basis over a period of 2 years, so the complete withdrawal will only be possible at the end of this period. These 2 years began as soon as the DAPP Generation Event was launched. Any Pioneer Holder choosing to withdraw the Air-HODLed tokens before the end of those 2 years will only receive the vested portion (i.e. 50% of the distributed DAPP tokens will be vested after 1 year). The remainder of their unvested DAPP tokens will be distributed to Pioneer Holders who are still holding their Air-HODL DAPP tokens.

HODLers are allowed to stake their vested Air-HODLed tokens immediately using our new staking mechanics. Withdrawing the tokens will transfer the vested tokens to their DAPP account, forfeiting the unvested portion to be redistributed amongst remaining eligible participants.

You can get more information on the Air-HODL and view your balance at:

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