DAPP Token Inflation Tuning

deprecation notice deprecating official support for node version 10, new support for 12 for zeus/dsp

  • add flag zeus test tokenpeg --services "oracle,cron,ipfs" flag --services allows pretty name for each service specified in the models folder of that service, to be spun up for use in testing or creating an environment. This speeds up unit testing time drastically.

  • add --abi-serializer-max-time-ms=100 to local nodeos for unit testing to avoid occasional serialization errors

  • add command zeus upsert-dsp-permission <endpoint> <contract> <key> <providers> <services> to automatically configure DSP settings for service actions


  • add fbatches table to record failed batches in eosio link library

  • add code comments to eosio link library

  • add example failure hooks from above to linkconsumer.cpp and linkconsumerx.cpp

  • add failure hooks to ethtokenpeg.cpp & tokenpeg/x.cpp, both bridges now handle the automatic return of funds if the transfer, post LIB or finality check, falls outside of the LINK_PROCESSING_TIMEOUT window

  • add code comments to tokenpeg contracts

  • add unit tests for tokenpeg if sidechain or mainnet destination account does not exist, auto refund

  • add getTable, awaitTable, and delay to seed-tests box for unit testing

  • using eosio-push-guarantee library for unit testing, default in-block push guarantee

  • enable gnache wrapped compiling eth with zeus compile --phase "eth"

  • fixes

    • 2nd DSP for LiquidHarmony assigned correct port and running as internal node

  • add verbose_logs setting for config.toml config file for DSP, enables verbose logs for DSP related services

  • add max_request_retries, max retries to fetch an oracle request or ipfs warmup, or any other blocking DSP service action, default 10

  • add dsp_push_guarantee_per_service, allows push guarantee to be set per service, default none

  • add better logs in general for DSP services

  • prevent duplicate attempt at DSP oracle trx

  • allow multiple oracle requests within a transaction

  • add demux eidosonecoin & gravyhftdefi contract blacklists to ignore trxs to not slow down demux

  • add gnache logs to /logs folder for DSP/Zeus

  • add broadcast_event_timeout to toml for timeout for DSPs not responding

  • using eosio-push-guarantee library for default push guarantee of in-block

  • fixes

    • patch assembly script install for vcpu service

    • encodedKeys backwards compatibility fix

    • downgrade IPFS to static version 0.54.2 because of compatibility issues with latest versions

    • fix hyperion replay script, now searches over 24 hour periods, performs all commits, then moves to next 24 hour period

dappservices contract

DSP Services:

  • improve logging

  • add unit test for 1/2 DSPs being down

  • add dsp / zeus logs for displaying what URIs are being fetched

  • add test/smart contract action for multiple oracle requests within one transaction

  • fixes

    • fix issue with oracle transaction failing if 1 or more DSP non-responsive

  • add testabort action and unit test for ensuring contract aborts transaction

  • add multiple log handlers for rescheduling crons if a trx fails because the destination account for a bridge transfer does not exist, a duplicate trx error occurs, or a required service error message is received from a failed oracle transaction that was unable to process the request, or other broadcast service

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