Update cost per action in QUOTA

The pricepkg action on the dappservices contract allows a DSP to set how much QUOTA to bill for per action. For example, a DSP could decide to charge 0.0002 QUOTA per vRAM warmup. The default for each action is 0.0001 QUOTA. The billable actions for all services may be found in the zeus-sdk/boxes/groups/services/SERVICE_NAME-dapp-service/models/dapp-services/SERVICE_NAME.json, for example: vRAM.

  • name provider - DSP name

  • name package_id - package name

  • name service - service name, e.g., ipfsservice1

  • name action - action name, e.g., warmup, commit, geturi, etc

  • uint64_t cost - QUOTA cost per action, e.g., 1 = 0.0001 QUOTA, 5, = 0.0005 QUOTA, etc

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