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Architecture Overview

DAPP Service Providers run the DAPP Network services
DAPP Service nodes provide the API endpoint for users to request services. So for example, in the case of a LiquidHarmony oracle request, the developer would direct that transaction to the DSP API's endpoint, and not a normal nodeos RPC endpoint.
A DSP must run:
  • nodeos instance (eosio blockchain node)
  • IPFS node (file storage for vRAM and LiquidStorage)
  • PostgreSQL database to monitor service requests
  • Public API Endpoint to interact with services
A DSP may also optionally run
  • dfuse API node provides dfuse's push guarantee and uses dfuse's web socket versus demux
  • go-ethereum RPC node for LiquidLink's EVM signing service
If you prefer Kubernetes, checkout our k8s repo