DAPP Tokens Tracks

Link to auction: https://liquidapps.io/auction

Instant Track

Users wishing to purchase DAPP with EOS tokens can do so through the instant track. Simply send EOS to the Instant Registration Track Vendor Smart Contract and you will receive your DAPP tokens at the end of the current cycle (see β€œClaiming DAPP Tokens” for further information about the claiming process).

Regular Track

The Regular Registration Track provides flexibility in purchasing DAPP tokens. You can use EOS tokens for any desired purchase amount. For amounts exceeding 15,000 Swiss Franc (CHF) you may also purchase with ETH, BTC or Fiat.

In order to open up the opportunity to all potential purchasers the DAPP Generation Event includes a verified track for buyers who wish to use their ETH, BTC, FIAT or EOS to purchase DAPP tokens.

If you wish to participate in the DAPP Generation Event through the Regular Registration Track, you must complete a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process, facilitated by Altcoinomy, a Swiss-based licensed KYC operator.

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