token contract and overview

Let's dive right in


If your compiler version is different be sure to change it here!

There's not an easy way to download contracts or directories in remix that I've found, and probably for good reason (to keep the resource costs needed for providing the app low).

So we'll need to upload IBEP20.sol, Context.sol, SafeMath.sol, Initializable.sol, BEP20TokenImplementation.sol.

Before we do that, we need to update the paths in our BEP20TokenImplementation so that the compiler can find them

import "./IBEP20.sol";
import "./Context.sol";
import "./SafeMath.sol";
import "./Initializable.sol";

Click upload.

Satisfy the reCAPTCHA check and Verify and Publish

This one may require 4 heel clicks, but if you did everything right you should see this:

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