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Staking for services

export PROVIDER=uuddlrlrbass
export PACKAGE_ID=oracleservic
# select your package:
export SERVICE=oracleservic
cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT push action dappservices selectpkg "[\"$KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"$PACKAGE_ID\"]" -p $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT@active
# Stake your DAPP to the DSP that you selected the service package for:
cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT push action dappservices stake "[\"$KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"10.0000 DAPP\"]" -p $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT@active
For more information on what packages are, see the link below
For more information on how stake/unstake works see below