breaking changes
  • all unboxed zeus boxes will need to be re-unboxed to support the new zeus_boxes architecture


  • use 8887 instead of 8889 for state history port to match DSP docs
  • skip 01-dapp-client.js if built
  • add price feed example, price feed uses LiquidHarmony's oracles and LiquidScheduler's cron to fetch a price periodically and only use CPU when the price has changed from the last recorded price by more or less than 1%
  • add '--eos-vm-oc-compile-threads=4' and --chain-threads=4 to local nodeos
  • update zeus to modularize logic into zeus_boxes directory making zeus more like npm, to create or unbox a new box start with zeus box create [name] then if you wish to unbox and existing box zeus unbox <BOX>
  • zeus now offers versioning of boxes
    • zeus now offers optional zeus unbox <BOX>@[VERSION]
    • can add and remove boxes with zeus box add <BOX> [VERSION] [URI] zeus box remove <BOX> [VERSION]
    • to update an existing box, run zeus unbox <BOX>@[VERSION], if no version specified, latest used, will unbox everything again with new version
    • to only add new boxes, unbox after update with --no-update
  • fixes
    • if Mac, detect and skip --eos-vm-oc-enable flags as they are not supported


  • added warning to ensure trace-history = true set in nodeos config.ini
  • add how many blocks behind the head block in demux heartbeat
  • add DATABASE_TIMEOUT to sample toml, adjust time before database connection times out
  • add DEMUX_PROCESS_BLOCK_CHECKPOINT to sample toml, amount of blocks to pass before updating database with last processed block
  • add disabledServices to ecosystem file to prevent pre-alpha services from being setup
  • add DEMUX_MAX_MEMORY_MB option to ecosystem file to set maximum amount of memory that can be used by demux
  • add dsp_account_permissions option for each sidechain
  • fixes
    • handle TypeError: Cannot read property 'this_block' of undefined in demux
  • add cross chain support for LiquidAccounts using LiquidX

​LiquidVRAM Service​

  • add cross chain reading of vRAM table data
  • add dapp-client examples for get_uri.ts, unpin_public_file.ts, upload_archive_to_liquidstorage.ts, upload_file_to_liquidstorage.ts, upload_public_file_from_vaccount.ts
  • add sidechain storage unit test
  • add zeus storage upload <ACCOUNT_NAME> package.json <ACCOUNT_PRIVATE_KEY> and zeus storage unpin <ACCOUNT_NAME> <IPFS_URI_RETURNED_ABOVE> <ACCOUNT_PRIVATE_KEY> zeus commands
  • add check to ensure each DSP only returns one oracle response
  • add hook to assert on oracle fetch before geturi is fired
  • add Oracle minimum threshold check unit test
  • reduce oracle retries to 10 from 100
  • add shouldAbort eosio::check handler for aborting oracle service request
  • add echo oracle, which uses the same structure as http or https however the uri is replaced with a desired return value. This return value must be a base64 encoded string.
    • echo: Mimics a GET request that returns text
    • echo+json: Mimics a GET request that returns JSON
    • echo+post: Mimics a POST request that returns text
    • echo+post+json: Mimics a POST request that returns JSON
  • run exponential backoff forever, was 10 retries max
  • add shouldAbort eosio::check handler for rescheduling cron without CPU
  • patch new secondary index RPC API support
  • updated Dapp Client to support cross chain Liquid Accounts
Last modified 2yr ago