Compiling Contracts

Zeus supports compiling EOSIO and EVM compatible contracts.

Let's first create a contract

zeus create contract compiler

This places an EOSIO contract in /contracts/eosNow let's compile it.

zeus compile compiler # if using an old cdt --legacy-cdt

If you want to use docker add --docker=true. EOSIO (now leap) and eosio.cdt (now cdt) only supports Ubuntu 18, 22, 24, so Docker must be used for the latest versions

If you wanted to compile all contracts within the./contracts directory, you can run

zeus compile

To compile an ETH contract run:

zeus compile link --phase eth
# to compile all
zeus compile --phase eth

If you wish to add your own ethereum contract, you can place it in the ./contracts/eth directory.

If you want to change the compiler version, or any truffle settings, see the ./truffle-config.js file.

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