The following tables are outline in the order of a transaction starting at once chain and progressing to the opposing chain.
settings - settings for this link library including things like the addresses and chain names
pmessages - pending messages table, where incoming transfers go to be processed
batches - pending messages added to batches table to be read by an oracle request from the opposing chain's bridge contract
bmessages - pending messages added to batched messages after irreversible check, assuming was processed on opposing chain, awaiting receipt
ibatches - inbound batches are stores here from oracle fetch on opposing chain's bridge contract
ibatch - batches broken down 1 by 1 into individual batch and handled
fbatches - if batch fails goes here, if not goes to
imessages - inbound messages from each batch, fetch IPFS vRAM information
imessage - messages broken down 1 by 1 into individual messages, if all messages in batch handled, delete batch, if not keep processing, if successful process message as receipt and send to opposing chain through pmessages table
fmessages - if message fails, add to failed messages table
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