Add or remove a box from the local mapping.json file

Zeus uses 2 mapping files to unbox boxes. The builtin-mapping.json file is for boxes that are a part of the official zeus-sdk repo (located: .../node_modules/@liquidapps/zeus-cmd/lib/resources/builtin-mapping.json). This file only changes when Zeus is updated. There is also a local zeus box for modifying existing boxes from the builtin-mapping.json and adding new boxes. If a box exists in both the builtin and the local mapping files, the local mapping file will be used. To use the builtin box instead, you must remove the local version first.

Zeus Box Add

zeus box add <BOX_NAME> <VERSION> <URI>
# zeus box add liquidx-jungle 1.0.1

Zeus Box Remove

# zeus list-boxes # will see new box under 'Local Boxes:'
zeus box remove <BOX_NAME> <VERSION>
# zeus box remove liquidx-jungle 1.0.1
# zeus list-boxes, will be gone

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