Query any HTTP/HTTPS GET/POST with or without JSON.

Overview / explanation of the different options, links to github code.

  • HTTP(S) Get & Post: - simply add the full URL path

  • HTTP(S)+JSON Get: https+json://name/ - prepend your uri with https+json, then specify the key mapping path of your desired data point, in the example, the name key is used as the requested data point. To request nested values beneath the first layer of keys, simple separate the desired data point with a ., e.g., name.value. Then add the path to your desired data point: Note you may use http+json or https+json.

  • HTTP(S)+JSON Post: https+post+json://timestamp/${body}/ - where body is const body = Buffer.from('{"block_num_or_id":"36568000"}').toString('base64'). In this example you specify the type of request: https+post+json then the key mapping timestamp then the body of the POST request, encoded in base64, then the URL path

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