• add --custom-token and --custom-token-precision flags to specify custom SYS tokens

  • add --evm-host, --evm-port, --evm-sister-host, and --evm-sister-port options to configure evm host and port in 03a/03b ganache-cli startup steps

  • require positive amount of tokens be sent for ethereum / binance bridge solidity contracts, so does not get must issue positive quantity error

  • add --external-evm-endpoint, --external-evm-private-key, --external-evm-sister-endpoint, and --external-evm-sister-private-key to configure external EVM endpoints / private keys for starting local environment

  • allow DSP to specify a name for a requested oracle type, so for example if a dev wants to request a coin market cap price but does not want to expose their API key on chain, they can privately pass the name to the DSP and when the matching account/name is requested from the oracle, the DSP will insert the full address

  • add verbose error passed back to exception running push_transaction error

dappservices contract

DSP Services:

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