Getting started with AntelopeIO Contracts (formerly EOSIO)

Learning AntelopeIO contracts can be annoying for new devs as the documentation is scattered. This guide is an attempt to help the developer out, here are some good resources:


  1. Original developer portal:

  2. EOSIO stack exchange:

  3. Post mortem of many EOSIO hacks:

Example contracts:


  1. DUNE Docker Utilities for Node Execution

API Lists:

Block Explorers:

  1. | Hyperion backend | provide an explorer for your own chain

  2. eosq: | dfuse full api backend

History API Solutions:

  1. Hyperion (simple to run, widely adopted as a result)

  2. Dfuse full api (very difficult to run, only a few brave men and women have it running)

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