LiquidApps Documentation



  • added docker image for ci/cd for zeus https://hub.docker.com/r/natpdev/zeus​
  • added docker for leap-cdt https://hub.docker.com/r/natpdev/leap-cdt used internally by zeus
  • updated docs to use dsp1 instead of dsp2 namely the bridge guides
  • Update docs to include adding --disable-subjective-account-billing=jouleappcont So that assertions do not bill for subjective CPU for DSPs. Each account should be manually added.
  • updated docs for new mandel release,
  • removed unsupported OS's
  • added not for DUNE for supported dockerfile
  • added flag to enable trx retry
  • add flags to disable subjective billing
  • add flag to prune blocks log after 1000 blocks
  • add flag to prune state history blocks after 1000 blocks
  • add flag to disable subjective billing to enable eosio assertion error logic
  • add note subjective billing
  • add instructions to unzip eos nation snapshot
  • update kylin faucet with eos nation's new faucet
  • add transaction-retry-max-expiration-sec=180 flag
  • upgraded docs to latest cdt/leap
  • add -t false -x 180 to DSP docs for vRAM service
  • added dapp token faucet link section to kylin account creation doc
  • updated docs to include example basic contract and all-dapp-services contract
  • added LiquidAuth documentation to move service into Beta
  • updated dsp endpoint link in all services
  • updated DSPHQ link for all services
  • updated docs to use https:// for dsp
  • added Printing Console section to docs to print console output from contract
  • add docs on fetching table row with zeus
  • update docs for options on compile (add docker), test, start-localenv
  • added Clean CMake Files page to clean cmake files for new cdt install
  • add --legacy-cdt args for compile, test, and note for cmake
  • add note for older cdt in compile / create contract sections
  • add note zeus create contract legacy cdt instructions, update options
  • add on_noftify with custom dispatcher
  • update download links with leap v 3.1 and new antelop repo
  • update dsp config.ini wasm-runtime = eos-vm-jit
  • added firehose setup instructions
  • add example zeus contracts and unit tests https://github.com/NatPDeveloper/antelope-contract-examples​
  • fix helloworld example contract
  • add docker support
  • add legacy cdt support
  • add custom list for enabled features for chain
  • add new features for leap
  • auto kill nodeos and all services post running unit tests
  • support new cdt
  • update auto install scripts for latest leap/cdt version
  • bring LiquidAuth into beta status
  • update example zeus contract and unit test to have more examples using get table rows, print console, etc
  • update default gitignore to not omit any files needing to just use zeus unbox to install
  • work with ENF to fix issues with CDT on RC1/2
  • fix contract migration to networks
  • remove deprecated plugins and flags for leap
  • add additional leap args if version 3.0.0+
  • don't run EVM chains if --chain-type=eos


  • add DSP cluster mode to turbo charge DSP services by using all available cores
  • ​add retry blocks option to set blocks to retry trx for
  • add retry irreversible option to retry trx until irreversible, useful for stubborn vRAM trxs that don't want to be replayed
  • update sample-config.toml with new options
  • use Promise.allSettled to not kill DSP trx prematurely

dappservices contract

DSP Services:

​LiquidVRAM Service​

  • we in beta baby​