Elemental Battles

Try out LiquidApps’s take on Elemental Battles:

The game incorporates:
  • vRAM - light-weight caching solution for EOSIO based RAM
  • LiquidAccounts - EOSIO accounts that live in vRAM instead of RAM
  • LiquidDNS - DNS service on the blockchain | contract table
  • Frontend stored on IPFS
  • user data is stored in the vRAM dapp::multi_index table (vRAM) | code
  • keys stored in dapp::multi_index table | code
  • keys created using the account name and password as seed phrases | code
  • eosjs-ecc’s seedPrivate method is used to create the keypair | code
  • logic to create LiquidAccount transactions | code
To launch locally:
mkdir cardgame; cd cardgame
zeus box create
zeus unbox cardgame
zeus migrate
zeus run frontend main