More on zeus-box.json

More on zeus-box.json

The following is an example zeus-box.json, we'll dive into what everything means and what options you have as a developer.

    # this is the version of the box for version control
    "version": "1.0.0",
    # ignore files and directories
    "ignore": [
    # command directory
    "commands": {
        "Compile contracts": "zeus compile",
        "Migrate contracts": "zeus migrate",
        "Test contracts": "zeus test -c",
        "Deploy contract": "zeus migrate",
        "Run frontend locally": "zeus run frontend main",
        "Build frontend": "zeus build frontend main",
        "Deploy frontend": "zeus deploy frontend main",
        "Deploy and register frontend": "zeus deploy frontend main --ipfs --register cardgame1111"
    # hook options, explained below
    "hooks": {
        "post-unpack": "npm install js-yaml",
        "post-install": "bash scripts/"
    # install dependencies
    "install": {
        "npm": {},
        # specify contract to include
        "contracts": {
          "cardgame": true
        # installs npm in dir, if empty runs npm i
        "npm-in-dirs": {
          "frontends/main": {
            "npm": {
                "eosio-push-guarantee": true
            "npm-scripts": {
              "start": "set SCATTER_HACK_ENV=development && webpack --config frontends/main/webpack.config.js --watch",
              "build": "set SCATTER_HACK_ENV=production && set NODE_ENV=production && webpack --config frontends/main/webpack.config.js"
    # install zeus_boxes dependencies
    "dependencies": {
        "seed-tests": ""


post-unpack is for after the box unboxes, and post-install is after the final install occurs at the end.

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