Finally you can now test your LiquidHarmony implementation by sending an action through your DSP’s API endpoint

When running the test commands, if you're using leap version 3.0.0+ you'll need to add --use-old-send-rpc -t false to the cleos command to not use the send_transaction2 rpc by default as seen below. If using the legacy eos software, that flag is not required.

# oracleconsumer contract (testrnd / testget):
# uri: Buffer.from("https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmaisz6NMhDB51cCvNWa1GMS7LU1pAxdF4Ld6Ft9kZEP2a", 'utf8')
export URI=68747470733a2f2f697066732e696f2f697066732f516d6169737a364e4d68444235316343764e576131474d53374c55317041786446344c64364674396b5a45503261
export EXPECTED_FIELD=48656c6c6f2066726f6d2049504653204761746577617920436865636b65720a
cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT push action $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT testrnd "[\"$URI\"]" -p $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT
cleos -u $DSP_ENDPOINT push action $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT testget "[\"$URI\",\"$EXPECTED_FIELD\"]" -p $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT

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