Use DAPP Network Services

Use DAPP Network Services

To utilize the DAPP Network on another chain as a developer, a two way mapping must first be established between the EOS mainnet account that is staking the DAPP to the service package and the account on the side chain that will use the services.

The point of this mapping is to verify that an account on the EOS mainnet has given permission to an account on another chain to be able to bill on the EOS mainnet accountโ€™s behalf. This mapping must also be verified on the new chain in question. A mainnet account can allow multiple new chain accounts to bill for services.

On the EOS mainnet this mapping is performed with the addaccount action on the liquidx.dsp account. On the new chain in question, this is performed with the setlink action on the account that has deployed the dappservicex.cpp contract (hopefully dappservicex for simplicity, but any account name can be used). To figure out what account name this is, a DSP, BP, or community member can be asked.


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