DAPP Network

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  • client-lib-base - @liquidapps/dapp-client base
  • dapp-cluster-k8s - k8s 1 command setup WIP
  • dapp-services-deploy - DSP base install, includes default package.json, config.toml, and setup-dsp command
  • dapp-services - compile eos sub command, register package command, DAPP service local env files
  • eosio-chains - sidechain local env files
  • liquidapps-deployment - complete deployment files and models for setting up token generation event, in coordination with microauctions run with zeus migrate --no-compile-all
  • liquidjungle - liquidjungle liquidx mapping files
  • liquidx - localenv files for deploying sidechain services, zeus create-liquidx-mapping command, zeus link-sidechain-dsp command, liquidx related contract files, mapping files, and unit tests
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