Cleanup IPFS and Oracle Entries

Sometimes IPFS or Oracle entries are not evicted from a developer’s contract due to the DSP experiencing unpredictable behavior. This causes the developer’s smart contract RAM supply to increase as the ipfsentry / oracleentry table rows are not evicted. If this happens, you may run the cleanup.js file with the following environment variables:

The cleanup script will auto detect which table to cleanup ipfsentry or oracleentry depending on which one is present on the contract. If both are set, you can use the TABLE env variable to specify which to cleanup.


  • CONTRACT contract to clean IPFS / oracle entries

  • DSP_ENDPOINT the DSP’s endpoint that you staked to for IPFS and/or Oracle services

  • TABLE specify table name to be cleaed: (ipfs (vRAM) table: ipfsentry or oracle table: oracleentry)

  • DSP_ALLOW_API_NON_BROADCAST enables the /event DSP API endpoint to accept non-blocking service events such as xcommits.

export CONTRACT=lqdportfolio
export TABLE=ipfsentry


If cleaning an account on a sidechain, must add the following environment variables.

  • SIDECHAIN if using a sidechain, must specify sidechain name (sidechain names can be found here)

  • SIDECHAIN_DSP_PORT if using a sidechain, must specify sidechain DSP’s port

  • DSP_LIQUIDX_CONTRACT the liquidx contract name must be set liquidx.dsp on mainnet if cleaning a sidechain

  • NODEOS_MAINNET_ENDPOINT set mainnet nodeos endpoint


  • CHUNK_SIZE represents the number of async requests for cleanups to send to the DSP at a time

export CHUNK_SIZE= # defaults to 5
export TABLE= # defaults to ipfsentry or oracleentry by detecting from contract
# if using dfuse
export DFUSE_API_KEY="" # long-lived API key, see, e.g. (server_abcdef123123123000000000000000000)
export DFUSE_PUSH_GUARANTEE="in-block" # handoff:1, handoffs:2, handoffs:3, irreversible
export DFUSE_NETWORK="mainnet"

Then run with:

sudo find / -name cleanup.js
cd /root/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.3/lib/node_modules/@liquidapps/dsp
node zeus_boxes/seed-utils-cleanup/utils/cleanup.js

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