Creating CryptoKylin Account

Setting up a Kylin testnet account can sometimes be more an art than a science. If you have any issues please reach out to us.

Free Account

Create account using:

Test accounts can only contain the characters a-z (lowercase), 1-5 and they must be 12 characters.

Example (change account name and public key):

Below you'll see how to create a keypair

curl -X 'POST' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -d ''

If that guy is giving you flack, try this guy:

Get Free tokens

Get 100 free EOS tokens / 24 hours


curl -X 'POST' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -d ''

Get DAPP Tokens

Enter your account here:

Setup Account

The following guide walks you through setting up an account, creating an EOSIO wallet with keosd, importing the private keys, buying RAM for your account, and staking EOS for CPU/NET so you can run transactions.


# must be EOSIO account name format
# 12 characters a-z lowercase 1-5
export KYLIN_ACCOUNT=yourtestaccount

# Configure endpoint

# Create wallet
cleos wallet create --file wallet_password.pwd

Create account

Below we will create a public/private key pair.

curl$KYLIN_ACCOUNT > keys.json
export ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY=`cat keys.json | jq -e ''`
export OWNER_PRIVATE_KEY=`cat keys.json | jq -e '.data.account.owner.privateKey'`

# import keys
zeus key import $KYLIN_ACCOUNT --owner-private-key $OWNER_PRIVATE_KEY --active-private-key $ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY --network=kylin
cleos wallet import --private-key $ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY

Be sure to save your wallet password!

Buy RAM, Stake CPU/NET

Now we will buy RAM so that we can deploy a smart contract, and we stake EOS for CPU/NET so that we can run transactions.

# below amounts use 1000 EOS total
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT system delegatebw $KYLIN_ACCOUNT $KYLIN_ACCOUNT "50.0000 EOS" "350.0000 EOS" -p $KYLIN_ACCOUNT@active
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT system buyram $KYLIN_ACCOUNT $KYLIN_ACCOUNT "600.0000 EOS" -p $KYLIN_ACCOUNT@active

Set eosio.code permission

eosio.code allows a smart contract to sign actions itself, we will set this up under the active permission level.

cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT set account permission $KYLIN_ACCOUNT active $KYLIN_ACCOUNT --add-code

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