EOSIO Side Setup


Install Zeus if not installed, zeus is used to unbox or install all the necessary dependencies to compile and deploy the necessary contracts.

Ensure you're using node version 16, IPFS can be picky with other versions

Unbox atomiccolpeg box

mkdir atomiccolpeg
cd atomiccolpeg
zeus box create
zeus unbox atomiccolpeg
zeus compile

atomictokenpeg1155.cpp must be updated before we keep rolling. We are not using the official atomicassets contract because it's not setup and the creating team does not have the keys to it, but don't you worry, I've got ya covered, this one is setup and ready to roll. Find this contract in ./zeus_boxes/contracts/eos/atomictokenpeg1155/atomictokenpeg1155.cpp line 24.

const name NFT_ACCOUNT = "bridgeassets"_n;

Compile contracts

zeus compile

Create 2 Kylin and 1 Rinkeby Testnet accounts using these guides:

  • Kylin Testnet: link

  • Rinkeby Testnet: link

Kylin Accounts:

  • Kylin bridge contract account (atomictokenpeg1155.cpp)

  • Kylin test Account no contract

  • Token contract is bridgeassets which I've already setup, yo welcome

Rinkeby Testnet Account (account will deploy 2 contracts and be the tester)

  • ERC1155 Contract (ERC1155Tradable.sol)

  • Rinkeby bridge contract Account (atomictokenpeg1155.sol)

  • Rinkeby test Account no contract

export KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT=elevenbridge
export KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT=natdeveloper
export KYLIN_ENDPOINT=https://kylin.eosn.io

Import our keys into zeus to deploy contracts to Kylin, or can use cleos as well

zeus key import $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT --network kylin --active-private-key 5JB... --owner-private-key 5JB...

Create contract deployment files to migrate contracts to Kylin, located in ./zeus_boxes/contract-migrations-extensions/models/contract-deployments/

zeus create contract-deployment atomictokenpeg1155 $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT kylin

Migrate contracts to Kylin

zeus migrate atomictokenpeg1155 --network=kylin --creator $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT --no-reset --no-compile-all --creator-key=""

If you use cleos to set the contract, be sure to set the eosio.code permission level, see here

Stake for services

Now that we've prepared that part let's move onto staking DAPP for services. First stop is the faucet for some DAPP tokens here. Use the account that has the atomictokenpeg1155 contract set to it.

Stake to required services vRAM, LiquidHarmony Oracles, LiquidScheduler, LiquidLink

Using the DSP Portal we can see these packages, stake 10 DAPP to each (Amount to Stake):

Below we'll select each package then stake for it.

export PROVIDER=uuddlrlrbass
export PACKAGE=ipfs2
export SERVICE=ipfsservice1
export QUANTITY="10.0000 DAPP"
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action dappservices selectpkg "[\"$KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"$PACKAGE\"]" -p $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT@active
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action dappservices stake "[\"$KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"$QUANTITY\"]" -p $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT@active

You can use the command line login option on bloks.io, top right, this will auto-create the cleos commands for you!

Now let's head over to the EVM side.

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