Initialize EOSIO Side

Now we are going to start the interval that runs all of the bridge logic.

Locate the init action on your EOSIO atomictokenpeg1155 contract

sister_address and sister_msig_address will be the atomictokenpeg1155 bridge contract (not the account) on the EVM side.

sister_chain_name is rinkeby

The token_contract will be your token contract name on the EOSIO side bridgeassets in this case, atomicassets in production.

10000 is 1.0000 TKN for the min_transfer.

We do not allow the contract to issue tokens because we are assuming the original token contract exists on the Kylin side.

Login with blok's cleos option with your tokenpeg EOSIO account

Select the active permission level.

By clicking the Submit Transaction the cleos command will be autopopulated for you

If you use the command below, be sure to update the settings like account, addresses, token contract, etc.

# cleos -u push transaction '{
  "delay_sec": 0,
  "max_cpu_usage_ms": 0,
  "actions": [
      "account": "elevenbridge",
      "name": "init",
      "data": {
        "sister_address": "0x5d04b64b5987f6a1E940C25307BaE65E4Cf5B340",
        "sister_msig_address": "0x5d04b64b5987f6a1E940C25307BaE65E4Cf5B340",
        "sister_chain_name": "rinkeby",
        "this_chain_name": "kylin",
        "processing_enabled": true,
        "token_contract": "bridgeassets",
        "transfers_enabled": true,
        "can_issue": false
      "authorization": [
          "actor": "elevenbridge",
          "permission": "active"

Now we're ready to test the bridge!

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