@liquidapps/dsp - 2.0.3107-latest

  • add 'Content-Type': 'application/json' to oracle https+post+json request

  • add timeout proxy for database calls

  • add LiquidX

  • add LiquidHarmony, extension oracle service that allows plug and play oracle options (Web/IBC/XIBC/VCPU/SQL Services)

  • add LiquidSQL, state storage alternative for smart contracts

  • dappservicesx contract - add setlink (create link between side chain account and mainnet owner), adddsp (side chain account add DSP name), rmvdsp (side chain - account remove DSP name)

  • liquidx contract - add addaccount (add sidechain account to allow billing to another chain account) and rmvaccount (remove link) actions

  • add sidechain billing to dapp-services-node/common.js

  • add LiquidKMS boilerplate

  • add LiquidStorage node logic for unpin / upload_public

  • add LiquidBilling boilerplate

  • update eos 1.8.6

  • add example portolio dapp

  • update LiquidStorage unit test

  • add boxes: oracle-web oracle-self-history oracle-foreign-chain oracle-sister-chain oracle-wolframalpha oracle-random oracle-sql oracle-vcpu

  • split up oracle services

  • add functional LiquidStorage unit test

  • fixes

    • replace unzip install with unzipper, allow node v11

    • update create contract example unit test eosjs2

  • add LiquidStorage client extension to upload / unpin

  • add local postgresql info

  • add zeus-ide

  • replace unzip install with unzipper, allow node v11

  • update overview section with new links / videos

  • add dapp-client section

  • add example portolio dapp

  • update oracle getting started links

  • LiquidAuthenticator - WIP → Alpha

  • LiquidBilling - WIP - Transaction signing service for resource payment

  • LiquidKMS - WIP - Key Management Service

  • LiquidStorage - WIP → Alpha

  • LiquidSQL - Alpha

  • add usagex for LiquidX and other off chain service billing LiquidStorage, LiquidLens, LiquidAuth

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