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@liquidapps/dsp - 2.0.2812-latest

  • separated pm2 log files
  • add dsp version endpoint /v1/dsp/version
  • add keytype parameter to /v1/dsp/get_table_row request ("keytype":"symbol" if passing a symbol or string as primary key, "keytype":"number" if passing number). The keytype field adds precision to ensure the correct primary key is returned and it is an optional parameter
  • add support pass body to oracle POST request
  • fixes
    • demux database sync issue
    • speed up demux sync and fix log messages
    • allow demux to sync from head_block in config.toml
    • prevent demux block processing from hanging
    • enable DSP API to use non-local nodeos instance
    • fix vram collision issue
    • auto generate dsp node index files
    • fix demux high CPU issue

@liquidapps/zeus-cmd - 2.0.2812

  • add vcpu-dapp-service
  • add chess game zeus unbox chess
  • enable large LiquidAccount payload sizes
  • add unit test for oracle POST request
  • add --phase command to specify dapp services file dapp-services-eos.js, install npm files npm, or compile eos files eos
  • fixes
    • change instantiateBuffer to instantiateSync for vcpu vrun.js
    • fix debian install for eosio.cdt due to syntax change in download link


  • add unit testing section
  • add email support: [email protected]
  • add vCPU & LiquidChess
  • add LiquidOracles, LiquidAccounts, LiquidScheduler docs
Last modified 2yr ago