Setup EVM Token Contract

We're going to setup our token first, then we'll deploy the tokenpeg contract.

Click BEP20TokenImplementation.sol then move to the deployment & run transactions tab.

Now to use metamask we'll change the ENVIRONMENT dropdown to Injected Web3

Make sure in metamask you have your token account selected and that it is connected, take note of the last 4 digits of your address and ensure under the ACCOUNT tab the same account is selected.

Your screen should look something like this, click Deploy to deploy and accept in Metamask

In the console you should see the creation and if you click on the transaction you can copy and paste it into

From here we can see that a contract was created, let's go there and save the contract's address.

In case you did not follow the steps exactly or the code changes you may need to verify the source code of the contract in order to more easily interact with it with Metamask. If so, see here, if not, let's keep going!

If the verification process is giving you grief, no sweat, change the include paths for the BEP20TokenImplementation open zeppelin files and copy them into the same directory.

If you're here it means you have the green check

Now we'll initialize the token contract and transfer ownership.

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