Getting Started Guide


  • Zeus - Zeus installs eos and the eosio.cdt if not already installed

  • Kylin Account - CrypoKylin testnet account to set contract to and push transactions


Once you've got Zeus installed, you can unbox the ipfs-dapp-service , compile the contracts, and run the unit tests.

mkdir mydapp; cd mydapp
zeus box create
zeus unbox ipfs-dapp-service
zeus test -c

You can find the contracts in the ./contracts directory and specifically the contracts related to the DAPP Network in the ./contracts/eos/dappservices directory.

Create Your Own Contract

To create your own contract you can copy the ./contracts/eos/ipfsconsumer contract which is an example consumer contract.

Or you can run the following to create an example contract with all of the DAPP Network Service smart contract dependencies.

zeus create contract mycontract
# zeus compile mycontract

From this example contract which includes all of the DAPP Network services, you can trim back the unneeded code.

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