Creating Jungle 3 account

Create Keys

To create a jungle3 account, use cleos or some other tool to create a key for you

cleos create key --to-console
export OWNER_PRIVATE_KEY= # private key provided
export ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY= # private key provided

Create Account

Create account here with public key:


Test accounts can only contain the characters a-z (lowercase), 1-5 and they must be 12 characters.

Import Keys

Import private key(s).

zeus key import $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT --owner-private-key  --active-private-key $ACTIVE_PRIVATE_KEY --network=jungle3

Be sure to save your wallet password!


Use the faucet to get 100 initial tokens:


Now we will stake EOS for CPU/NET so that we can run transactions.

# below amounts use 100 EOS total
cleos -u $JUNGLE_ENDPOINT system delegatebw $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT "35.0000 EOS" "65.0000 EOS" -p $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT@active

Now unfortunately this isn't enough EOS to set the smart contract. We need to buy RAM, but the faucet only allows 1 use per 6 hours, so what do we do? We create 3 more accounts, send the faceted EOS to our account, and buy that RAM. Let's go.

Create more accounts

Create 3 more accounts using the same public key as before here

Hit the faucet again here for each account

# update from to 1,2,3 created account name
# update to to JUNGLE_ACCOUNT
# update actor to from
cleos -u push transaction '{
  "delay_sec": 0,
  "max_cpu_usage_ms": 0,
  "actions": [
      "account": "eosio.token",
      "name": "transfer",
      "data": {
        "from": "tokenexampl4",
        "to": "tokenexample",
        "quantity": "95.0000 EOS",
        "memo": ""
      "authorization": [
          "actor": "tokenexampl4",
          "permission": "active"
# repeat for each account

If the trx by some miracle goes through, skip to Buy more resources.

If you get Error 3080004: Transaction exceeded the current CPU usage limit imposed on the transaction then you will need to stake some of the CPU first (5 EOS of the 100 you got) then send the remaining CPU (95 from the 5 you're about to stake).


Adjust transfer amount, from, and actor to:

"quantity": "95.0000 EOS",
"from": "first_account",
"actor": "first_account",

Buy More Resources

Now we will buy 285 EOS worth of RAM.

cleos -u $JUNGLE_ENDPOINT system buyram $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT "285.0000 EOS" -p $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT@active 

Set eosio.code permission

eosio.code allows a smart contract to sign actions itself, we will set this up under the active permission level.

cleos -u $JUNGLE_ENDPOINT set account permission $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT active $JUNGLE_ACCOUNT --add-code


If you still don't have enough CPU/NET, repeat the process and delegate more CPU/NET

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