• add LiquidLink docs

  • update zeus test, zeus start-localenv to include new --multi-evm flag

  • add truffle compile, test, migrate

  • add LiquidHarmony API docs for all supported APIs

  • add simple contract example for gitpod

  • enable compiling with truffle instead of solc, get migrate, test functions as well, can set compiler version truffle-config

  • add --multi-evm option for testing with multiple geth instances

  • enable signing on multiple evm chains in unit tests

  • update default installed nodeos version to 2.1.0 and cdt to 1.8.0

  • add openzeppelin-solidity and zeppelin-solidity dependencies so you're ready to compile evm contracts

  • add binancetokenpeg EOSIO / EVM smart contracts (using BEP20 standard) and unit tests

  • update ethtokenpeg to used compiled contracts provided, add disable action to disable intervals

  • use uint64_t in unit tests versus reversed endian hex

  • add sidechain evm instance 03-b-ganache-cli.js

  • add decrement nonce stop if error with transaction, for internal and PostgreSQL stored nonces

  • use go-ipfs version 0.8.0 with new unstable version (0.9)

  • add env variable options to multi sign for binance, ethereum chains on 1 node

    • to setup a new EVM chain simply need private_keyand anendpoint

  • update nonce fetch to support per chain

dappservices contract

DSP Services:

  • add default EVM endpoints for local sidechain evm, bsc, bsctest

  • update oracle mainnet endpoints to https://mainnet.eosn.io

  • allow disabling intervals 1 by 1 with disable command, update all bridge and LiquidLink unit tests

  • Add example unit test / smart contract for LiquidX chains

  • Enable API to handle multiple EVM chain

  • add reverse64 function to allow printed uitn64_t value of eosio::name name.value to be passed as destination account

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