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LiquidPortfolio is a portfolio tracking tool for BTC, ETH (and tokens), and EOS (and tokens). The tool displays the total current value of the portfolio while also encrypting all user account info with the LiquidAccount’s private key.

The game incorporates:

  • vRAM - light-weight caching solution for EOSIO based RAM

  • LiquidAccounts - EOSIO accounts that live in vRAM instead of RAM

  • LiquidHarmony - oracle service for fetching prices

  • LiquidScheduler - to fetch price data on an interval

  • LiquidDNS - DNS service on the blockchain

  • Encryption/Decryption locally of account data using LiquidAccount private key

  • LiquidX - technology linking chains and enabling DAPP Network services

To launch locally:

mkdir portfolio; cd portfolio
zeus box create
zeus unbox portfolio
zeus migrate
zeus run frontend main

note if you compile and run this contract yourself, you will need to update all instances of uint8[][] within the abi to bytes[]

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