Getting Started with LiquidBridge

LiquidBridge is an EOSIO <> EOSIO or EOSIO <> EVM compatible bridge.
The LiquidBridge uses a collection of DAPP Networks services to perform its function.
The bridges use the link library which has an EOSIO (.cpp) and an EVM (.sol) version.
If you would like to checkout the link library check it out here:
For more on the bridges:

EOSIO (eosio.token) <> EOSIO (eosio.token) Bridge

EOSIO (eosio.token) <> EVM (ERC20/BEP20) Bridge

EOSIO (atomic assets) <> EOSIO (atomic assets) Bridge

EOSIO (atomic assets) <> EVM (ERC721) Bridge

EOSIO (atomic assets) <> EVM (ERC1155) Bridge