• add patch notes
  • use simple eos example in gitpod, create a simple eosio contract with 1 command, test in under 10 seconds with zeus test, and migrate within 15 seconds to kylin or another network : )
  • add network to zeus contract deployment to allow deployments to each multiple networks
  • enable flexible migration of contracts to other networks zeus migrate --creator natdeveloper --network=development, e.g., deploys all migrations for creator natdeveloper on development
  • allow only specific services to be run with `--services "cron,ipfs,oracle", etc, add to start-localenv
  • add zeus start-localenv --kill to kill all existing nodes and processes
  • add zeus start-localenv --enable-features which runs the latest eosio contracts and enables EOSIO features such as bill first auth, etc.
  • add zeus start-localenv --single-chain to only run the provisioning chain if say a box like tokenpeg in unboxed, so you're not running additional nodeos instances
  • add zeus start-localenv --basic-env which spins up the most basic nodeos env
  • allow zeus migrate CONTRACT_NAME
  • move working contracts dir from ./zeus_boxes/contracts to ./contracts
  • move sql logs to ./logs folder
  • update eosio contracts to latest, still access legacy contracts if not using --enable-features, add rex
  • add --plugin eosio::producer_api_plugin and --plugin eosio::chain_plugin to local tests
  • update to 1.8.0-rc2 default eosio.cdt install, 1.7 has boost errors that appear to be on b1's side
  • allow contracts keys to be fetched automatically if not supplied to deployer
  • add jungle3 network option, update kylin endpoint
  • add initial transfer for created accounts
  • don't run IPFS node if not needed
  • update self history unit test
  • update ethtokenpeg contract to issue then transfer
  • add various command console logs and emojis : )
  • add getTestAccountName to unit test library
  • add testinterval and rminterval actions to cronconsumer unit test and example contract
  • add simple contract template zeus create contract mycontract --template=simplecontract
  • reduce default DSP_BACKOFF_EXPONENT from 1.5 to 1.1
  • support existing boxes to create local directory

dappservices contract

DSP Services:

  • add interval service for running real reliable crons, crons stored in postgresql and fetched when DSP starts, interval, and rminterval
  • upgrade sign service to beta stage
  • add additional checks for external requests and undocumented models
  • update EOSIO side to use new intervals to handle crons
Last modified 2yr ago