EOSIO.token <> EOSIO.token Fungible Tokens

This guide will essentially map the tokenpeg.spec.js unit test.



  • Install Zeus if not installed, zeus is used to unbox or install all the necessary dependencies to compile and deploy the necessary contracts.

Ensure you're using node version 12, IPFS can be picky with other versions

mkdir tokenpeg; cd tokenpeg
zeus box create
zeus unbox tokenpeg
  • Add LiquidX mapping file


The following file is for the destination's chain information.

# remove existing JSON file to not confuse the compiler
rm -rf ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/eosio-chains/
mkdir ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/eosio-chains/
touch ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/eosio-chains/liquidjungl3.json
vim ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/eosio-chains/liquidjungl3.json
  "dsp_port": 3117,
  "webhook_dapp_port": 8813,
  "nodeos_host": "jungle3.cryptolions.io",
  "nodeos_port": 443,
  "secured": true,
  "nodeos_state_history_port": 8887,
  "nodeos_p2p_port": 12451,
  "nodeos_endpoint": "https://jungle3.cryptolions.io:443",
  "demux_port": 1232,
  "name": "liquidjungl3",
  "local": false


This file allows for the compiler to insert relevant chain information into the contract header.

# remove existing JSON
rm -rf ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/liquidx-mappings/
mkdir ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/liquidx-mappings/
touch ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/liquidx-mappings/liquidjungl3.dappservices.json
vim ./zeus_boxes/liquidx/models/liquidx-mappings/liquidjungl3.dappservices.json
  "sidechain_name": "liquidjungl3",
  "mainnet_account": "dappservices",
  "chain_account": "testdappxxxx"
  • Compile contracts

zeus compile tokenpeg; zeus compile tokenpegx

Examine ./contracts/eos/dappservices/dappservices.config.hpp and you will see the mapping field populate into c++ definitions, if you see TEST1, you need to delete the existing mapping files

  • Create 3 Kylin and 3 Jungle Accounts

    • Kylin token contract Account (token being bridged eosio.token.cpp)

    • Kylin bridge contract Account (tokenpeg.cpp)

    • Kylin test Account no contract

    • Jungle token contract Account (token on Jungle to mint/burn tokens eosio.token.cpp)

    • Jungle bridge contract Account (tokenpegx.cpp)

    • Jungle test Account no contract

export KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT=tokenexample
export KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT=token4bridge
export KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT=natdeveloper
export KYLIN_ENDPOINT=https://kylin.eosn.io
export JUNGLE_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT=tokenexample
export JUNGLE_TOKEN_ACCOUNT=token4bridge
export JUNGLE_TEST_ACCOUNT=natdeveloper
export JUNGLE_ENDPOINT=https://jungle3.cryptolions.io:443
  • Setup tokenpeg on the Kylin token contract Account and tokenpegx on the Jungle token contract Account using zeus migrate.

  • Import private keys

zeus key import $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT --owner-private-key 5JPPPML... --active-private-key 5KdLRibwg1v... --network=kylin
zeus key import $JUNGLE_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT --owner-private-key 5KkDxt... --active-private-key 5KkDxtfyKQQ... --network=jungle3
zeus key import $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT --owner-private-key 5JPPPML... --active-private-key 5KdLRibwg1v... --network=kylin
zeus key import $JUNGLE_TOKEN_ACCOUNT --owner-private-key 5KkDxt... --active-private-key 5KkDxtfyKQQ... --network=jungle3
  • Create contract deployment files located in ./zeus_boxes/contract-migrations-extensions/models/contract-deployments/

zeus create contract-deployment tokenpeg $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT kylin
zeus create contract-deployment tokenpegx $JUNGLE_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT jungle3
zeus create contract-deployment eosio.token $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT kylin
zeus create contract-deployment eosio.token $JUNGLE_TOKEN_ACCOUNT jungle3
  • Migrate contracts to Kylin/Jungle

zeus migrate tokenpeg --network=kylin --creator $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT --no-reset --no-compile-all --creator-key=""
zeus migrate tokenpegx --network=jungle3 --creator $JUNGLE_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT --no-reset --no-compile-all --creator-key=""
zeus migrate eosio.token --network=kylin --creator $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT --no-reset --no-compile-all --creator-key=""
zeus migrate eosio.token --network=jungle3 --creator $JUNGLE_TOKEN_ACCOUNT --no-reset --no-compile-all --creator-key=""
  • Initialize token contracts

  • Create

Create tokens

For Kylin, we'll set the issuer to the token contract, this is to simulate a pre-existing token that is being bridged to Jungle3.

Only Jungle3 we will set the issuer to the bridge contract so that it can issue tokens when they come across the bridge. We will also issue those tokens to the

export MAX_SUPPLY="1000000.0000 TKN"
export ISSUER=$KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT # token contract itself
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT create "[\"$ISSUER\",\"$MAX_SUPPLY\"]" -p $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT@active

If you get errors such as Transaction exceeded the current network usage limit imposed on the transaction, see the Kylin / Jungle account setup guides to get more tokens and to stake for more resources.

  • Issue test tokens

We will issue some test tokens to our test account.

export QUANTITY="10.0000 TKN"
export MEMO="issuing tokens"
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT issue "[\"$TO\",\"$QUANTITY\",\"$MEMO\"]" -p $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT@active
  • Transfer test tokens

Now we will transfer the issued tokens to the test account.

export QUANTITY="10.0000 TKN"
export MEMO="don't spend it all in one place!"
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT transfer "[\"$FROM\",\"$TO\",\"$QUANTITY\",\"$MEMO\"]" -p $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT@active
  • Stake for services

Now that we've prepared that part let's move onto staking DAPP for services. First stop is the faucet for some DAPP tokens here. Use the account that has the tokenpeg contract set to it.

  • Stake to required services vRAM, LiquidHarmony Oracles, and LiquidScheduler

Below we'll select each package then stake for it.

export PROVIDER=uuddlrlrbass
export PACKAGE=ipfs2
export SERVICE=ipfsservice1
export QUANTITY="10.0000 DAPP"
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action dappservices selectpkg "[\"$KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"$PACKAGE\"]" -p $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT@active
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action dappservices stake "[\"$KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT\",\"$PROVIDER\",\"$SERVICE\",\"$QUANTITY\"]" -p $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT@active
  • LiquidX stake

In order to stake for services on Jungle3, a LiquidX mapping must be created, for more detail see here.

export CHAIN_NAME=liquidjungl3
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action liquidxxxxxx addaccount "[\"$OWNER\",\"$CHAIN_ACCOUNT\",\"$CHAIN_NAME\"]" -p $KYLIN_BRIDGE_ACCOUNT@active
  • Initialize

Here we will initialize both bridges with their settings. On Kylin we will not allow issuance because the token already exists. On Jungle we allow the bridge contract to issue tokens to mint/burn. We set the minimum transfer to 1 TKN.

export SISTER_CHAIN_NAME="liquidjungl3"
export THIS_CHAIN_NAME="kylin"
export MIN_TRANSFER=10000
export CAN_ISSUE=0
export KYLIN_DSP_ENDPOINT=http://kylin-dsp-2.liquidapps.io
  • Transfer

Now we will test with a transfer from the Kylin example user to the Kylin bridge contract, let's see how it goes!!

export QUANTITY="10.0000 TKN"
# destionation_account,destination_chain
# this is required as the memo type, it tells the bridge which chain the funds go to and who gets them
export MEMO="$JUNGLE_TEST_ACCOUNT,liquidjungl3"
cleos -u $KYLIN_ENDPOINT push action $KYLIN_TOKEN_ACCOUNT transfer "[\"$FROM\",\"$TO\",\"$QUANTITY\",\"$MEMO\"]" -p $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT@active
  • Confirm

If all goes well you will see the tokens arrive at your Jungle destination account, you can send them back to the bridge contract now to send them back!

export QUANTITY="10.0000 TKN"
# destionation_account,destination_chain
# this is required as the memo type, it tells the bridge which chain the funds go to and who gets them
cleos -u $JUNGLE_ENDPOINT push action $JUNGLE_TOKEN_ACCOUNT transfer "[\"$FROM\",\"$TO\",\"$QUANTITY\",\"$MEMO\"]" -p $JUNGLE_TEST_ACCOUNT@active

Note that the memo destination chain is now kylin and no longer liquidjungl3 because we are sending the tokens to kylin.

If the transfers are not going through, ensure that the DSP you are using has enough CPU/NET staked for it

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