Zeus Commands

Zeus Get vRAM Row

The widely used /v1/chain/get_table_rows method can be easily accessed from a DSP's API

# zeus:
zeus get-table-row "CONTRACT_ACCOUNT" "TABLE_NAME" "SCOPE" "TABLE_PRIMARY_KEY" "KEYTYPE" "KEYSIZE" --endpoint $DSP_ENDPOINT | python -m json.tool

# contract - account name
# table_name - name of dapp::multi_index table
# scope - table scope to search under
# table_primary_key - primary key of row requesting | options: "string", "number"
# key type (optional) - the type of key being passed in the request ("name", "number", "hex"). If table_primary_key is a js number, key type defaults to "number", otherwise "name". In case of large keys, table_primary_key should be encoded as a hex string, and key type should be "hex".
# key size (optional) - size of key in bits: 64 (uint64_t), 128 (uint128_t), 256 (uint256_t, eosio::checksum256)

# curl: 
export DSP_ENDPOINT=https://kylin-dsp-2.liquidapps.io
curl http://$DSP_ENDPOINT/v1/dsp/ipfsservice1/get_table_row -d '{"contract":"CONTRACT_ACCOUNT","scope":"SCOPE","table":"TABLE_NAME","key":"TABLE_PRIMARY_KEY"}' | python -m json.tool

# coldtoken:
zeus get-table-row $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT "accounts" $KYLIN_TEST_ACCOUNT "TEST" --endpoint $DSP_ENDPOINT | python -m json.tool
curl http://$DSP_ENDPOINT/v1/dsp/ipfsservice1/get_table_row -d '{"contract":"CONTRACT_ACCOUNT","scope":"C

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