DAPP Token Inflation Tuning


  • it is now possible for the community to actively tune the DAPP Token Inflation rate
  • this inflation tuning is facilitated by DSP's creating new packages that have a configurable desired inflation rate. any changes to the DAPP Token's inflation rate is in effect for all providers
  • all existing packages retain the default annual inflation rate of 2.71%
  • a new package may select any rate between 0.0 and 5.0%
  • DAPP Token holders participate in the tuning mechanism by staking to packages that have an inflation rate they support
  • the final inflation rate is calculated as a weighted average of DAPP staked to specific inflation rates
  • a new table packagext has been added to store a packages selected inflation rate and quota cost for actions, which is indexed by package_id, service, and provider
  • the DAPP token inflation rate is recalculated with every stake and refund action
  • package inflation rates may not be changed after they are registered
breaking changes


  • add CoVax chain section for becoming BP or DSP
  • add example chains section of LiquidX chains
  • use eos 2.0.5
  • update documentation to support zeus_boxes refactor
  • add chain-threads=8 eos-vm-oc-compile-threads=2 to nodeos example config.ini in docs
  • add get_table_packagext and get_table_packagext_by_package_service_provider to dapp-client section
  • add http-max-response-time-ms = 500 to config.ini settings to avoid deadline 2020-07-20T18:07:39.110 exceeded by 10us error
  • add supported primary key types for dapp::advanced_multi_index
  • add example of instantiating dapp::advanced_multi_index
  • support new Kylin account creation query
  • use 8887 instead of 8889 for state history port to match DSP docs
  • skip 01-dapp-client.js if built
  • add price feed example, price feed uses LiquidHarmony's oracles and LiquidScheduler's cron to fetch a price periodically and only use CPU when the price has changed from the last recorded price by more or less than 1%
  • add '--eos-vm-oc-compile-threads=4' and --chain-threads=4 to local nodeos
  • update zeus to modularize logic into zeus_boxes directory making zeus more like npm, to create or unbox a new box start with zeus box create [name] then if you wish to unbox and existing box zeus unbox <BOX>
  • zeus now offers versioning of boxes
    • zeus now offers optional zeus unbox <BOX>@[VERSION]
    • can add and remove boxes with zeus box add <BOX> [VERSION] [URI] zeus box remove <BOX> [VERSION]
    • to update an existing box, run zeus unbox <BOX>@[VERSION], if no version specified, latest used, will unbox everything again with new version
    • to only add new boxes, unbox after update with --no-update
  • add zeus start-localenv --phase 01-dapp-client --phase option to target start a specific phase of the localenv
  • fixes
    • if Mac, detect and skip --eos-vm-oc-enable flags as they are not supported
    • fix endpoint link for replay-contract.js file
  • document ability to use dfuse for cleanup script
  • add typescript compile step for dfuse
  • add zeus box create section to zeus getting started section
  • update LiquidStorage upload file example with new params
  • prevent non-broadcast action from being broadcast
  • add sidechain section to replay contract
  • add testfetch price feed action / unit test for only using LiquidHarmony oracles for price feed fetch
  • add unit test for 0s unstake time dappservices
  • copy contracts and test folder to root so that zeus_boxes directory can be git ignored
  • add enablepkg command to dappservices unit tests
  • fixes
    • add parseFloat to test rewards dappservices unit test
  • add option to use dfuse web socket and dfuse push_transaction guarantee in place of demux state history node on main DSP instance and supported side chains
    • this enables a DSP to not use a SHiP node and to instead read on chain events from dfuse and to push transactions using dfuse's push_guarantee making transactions more reliable, a free API key is suitable enough to support low levels of traffic
    • to use the dfuse backend, under the new dfuse section of the toml file, set enable to true and provide an api key
    • to use the dfuse push guarantee, set the push_enable to true and provide a dfuse api key
    • to use both, enable both
    • add dfuse section network to toml, select supported dfuse network: testnet (eosio testnet), kylin, worbli, wax
    • add debug to dfuse section to enable dfuse debug logs
  • if dsp head_block set to 0, dsp will pull head block from get_info RPC call automatically for demux
  • throw error if package not enabled for DSP services
  • enable cleanup script support for sidechain
  • add authorization option under dfuse to use the EOS Nation community edition: https://t.me/dfusece | https://eos.dfuse.eosnation.io/
  • add replay-contract-hyperion.js | thank you to Christoph Michel
  • add max_request_retries option to config.toml, specifies how many times to retry a blocking DSP actions such as an IPFS warmup or oracle request
  • add liquidstorage_upload_limit to config.toml, allows specification of Liquidstorage upload size limit
  • fixes
    • add better error handling to CONFIRMING USAGE
    • fix async/await procesFn issue
    • fix replay contract script to enable DSPs to replay contract vRAM/IPFS data to populate a new IPFS instance
    • fix 0xANON payer empty object issue
  • patch new secondary index RPC API support
  • updated Dapp Client to support cross chain Liquid Accounts
  • add dfuse as option for dapp client, able to pass API key, push guarantee, and network
  • add push_transaction push guarantee function to lib

dappservices contract

  • added required service pending console output to assertion message as dfuse does not return pending console output
  • added always false assert service pending console output to assertion message as dfuse does not return pending console output

DSP Services:

  • add cross chain support for LiquidAccounts using LiquidX
  • add time to live option for zeus vaccounts push-action command
  • add small / large photo and small video upload and read unit tests to LiquidStorage
  • configure options object to be passed, updated unit test
    • add optional rawLeaves IPFS client option for backend API, example, and client-library
  • run exponential backoff forever, was 10 retries max
  • add shouldAbort eosio::check handler for rescheduling cron without CPU
  • patch new secondary index RPC API support
  • updated Dapp Client to support cross chain Liquid Accounts
  • add get_table_packagext and get_table_packagext_by_package_service_provider examples and logic to client
Last modified 2yr ago