DAPP Network Resources

NPM libraries:

  • @liquidapps/dsp - nodejs based API client for operating DAPP Service Providers
  • @liquidapps/zeus-cmd - nodejs based command line tool for interacting with blockchains and DAPP Network services
  • @liquidapps/dapp-client - typescript based client library for accessing DAPP Network Services
  • @liquidapps/box-utils - zeus_boxes packaging system library
  • eosio-push-guarantee - typescript based push guarantee library for ensuring transactions are executed up to a specified guarantee (in-block, handoffs:1-3, irrversible).
  • link library - enabling cross chain communication for EOSIO <> EOSIO and EOSIO <> EVM chains.


CryptoKylin Test Network DSPs:


DSP Portals (DAPP Service Provider portals)

Brand Assets