The DAPP Token

The DAPP token is the utility token for the DAPP Network ecosystem.

The DAPP token is a multi-purpose utility token that grants access to the DAPP Network. It is designed to power an ecosystem of utilities, resources, and services specifically serving the needs of dApp developers building user-centric dApps.

DAPP Service Provider Packages

Those who wish to use the DAPP Network must stake the DAPP token to one or more DSPs (DAPP Service Providers) for one or more services through their DSP packages. DSP package information may be found on one of the community created user interfaces:

For example, a DSP could require a user to stake 10,000 DAPP tokens in exchange for the DSP providing a price feed oracle service. For more on packages see the link below.

pageMore on Packages

DSP Incentives

DAPP Service providers earn a percentage of the annual inflation of the DAPP token. They are able to claim this inflation every 24 hours and it is based on how much of the total amount of DAPP that is being staked is staked to them. So if a DSP has 1% of all of the DAPP currently being staked, that DSP has a claim to 1% of the inflation that is being issued at that time.

Governance Rewards

The inflation is 15% per year with the governance contract taking 12.29% leaving the same 2.71% annual inflation for DSP rewards. Governance contract funds are then split with the splitter.cpp contract.

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