DSP Node

Below we will install the necessary dependencies for the DSP node software then run it.


  • git

  • Ubuntu 20+

  • go 1.19


sudo su -
curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.34.0/install.sh | bash
export NVM_DIR="${XDG_CONFIG_HOME/:-$HOME/.}nvm"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/nvm.sh" # This loads nvm
nvm install 16
nvm use 16


sudo apt install -y make cmake build-essential python3 npm git node-typescript

Centos/Fedora/AWS Linux:

sudo yum install -y make cmake3 python


Below we will install the pm2 process manager. You can read more on pm2 here

sudo su -
npm install -g pm2
npm install -g @liquidapps/dsp --unsafe-perm=true

If you get a Failed at the zeromq@5.2.8 error, try using node version 12.20.0

Configure Settings

Any changes to the config.toml file will require setup-dsp to be run again. Link to sample-config.toml

Should you have any questions about settings, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram @natpd

sudo su -
mkdir ~/.dsp
cp $(readlink -f `which setup-dsp` | xargs dirname)/sample-config.toml ~/.dsp/config.toml
nano ~/.dsp/config.toml

Launch DSP Services

Below we will use the DSP's setup command to launch the services. *Note that if you are not in the DSP's root directory or lower the setup-dsp command will throw an error, simply ensure you run the cd command below.

sudo su -
cd $(readlink -f `which setup-dsp` | xargs dirname)

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