Map Mainnet to New Chain

Map Mainnet to New Chain

To map an EOS mainnet account to a new chain’s account, perform the addaccount action on the liquidx.dsp account.

  • owner {name} - name of account on the EOS mainnet staked to services

  • chain_account {name} - name of account on new chain to use services

  • chain_name {name} - account on mainnet that has registered the new chain, should be publicly available from a representative of the chain (DSP, BP, community)

Example cleos command:

cleos -u push transaction '{"delay_sec":0,"max_cpu_usage_ms":0,"actions":[{"account":"liquidx.dsp","name":"addaccount","data":{"owner":"natdeveloper","chain_account":"liquidxcnsmr","chain_name":"mynewchainnn"},"authorization":[{"actor":"natdeveloper","permission":"active"}]}]}'

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