All DAPP Network Services

Zeus easily allows integration and setup for using DAPP Network services

First we'll unbox all-dapp-services to get access to all of the DAPP Network's services should we wish to use them. Alternatively if only 1 service is needed, the service level box itself may also be unboxed.

mkdir all-dapp-services; cd all-dapp-services
zeus box create
zeus unbox all-dapp-services
# create contract named mycontract, stored in ./zeus_boxes/contracts/eos
zeus create contract mycontract # if using an old cdt --legacy-cdt
# can also compile
zeus compile mycontract # if using an old cdt --legacy-cdt

The following are example services for different DAPP Network Services if you wish to only use 1, or you can unbox as many as you like!

  • vRAM ipfs-dapp-service

  • LiquidHarmony oracles oracle-dapp-service

  • LiquidScheduler crons cron-dapp-service

  • LiquidStorage IPFS pinning storage-dapp-service

  • LiquidLink ETH signing service sign-dapp-service

A list of all available services to be unboxed is available here:

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