Become a DSP on another chain

Become a DSP on another chain

LiquidX enables DSPs (DAPP Service Providers) to offer services on new chains. All existing and newly created packages may be staked to and used by developers without any additional modifications.

To add a chain, a DSP must configure their DSP APIโ€™s config.toml file with the sidechainโ€™s details then two way map their EOS mainnet DSP account, the account that will be staked to and will receive rewards, to their sidechain DSP account. This is done with the addaccount action on the mainnet liquidx.dsp account and adddsp on the dappservicex.cpp contract on the new chain. As a note, the dappservicex.cpp contractโ€™s account can be called anything (hopefully dappservicex for simplicity), so the name must be found from the community.

To add a chain from an architecture perspective requires adding a new nodeos instance for that chain and having another demux instance running on the DSPโ€™s API endpoint. The nodeos instance can be run external to the DSP API. There are two additional log files produced for the new chain. A new dapp-service-node log file for the new gateway port and another demux log file.

See list of example chains to add here.


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