Map New Chain to Mainnet

It is important that this step be done last after a valid stake has been setup on the mainnet as well as the other previous steps or else the account may not be listened for.

Map New Chain to Mainnet

To map a new chain’s account to the EOS mainnet, navigate to the contract that has deployed the dappservicex.cpp contract and perform the setlink action.

  • owner {name} - name of account on the new chain to link, using services

  • mainnet_owner {name} - name of account on mainnet, staking to services

Example cleos command:

cleos -u $NEW_CHAIN_NODEOS_ENDPOINT push transaction '{"delay_sec":0,"max_cpu_usage_ms":0,"actions":[{"account":"dappservicex","name":"setlink","data":{"owner":"liquidxcnsmr","mainnet_owner":"natdeveloper"},"authorization":[{"actor":"liquidxcnsmr","permission":"active"}]}]}'

In short you have run the adddsp and the setlink action on the new chain’s dappservicex account and the addaccount action on the EOS mainet’s liquidx.dsp account.

The new chain account now has the ability to access any service staked to by the mainnet account.

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