Creating an Oracle Request

In order for the DSP to know what information it is that you want to receive, there is a format to creating an oracle request.

Each of the following oracle request types comes equipped with its own syntax that gets encoded with Buffer.from("<URI HERE>", 'utf8'). The following guide will explain the syntax to generate your URI. Each URI should be passed through the buffer as plaintext is not accepted.

NodeJS example:

const body = Buffer.from('{"block_num_or_id":"36568000"}').toString('base64')
const res = await testcontract.testrnd({
  uri: Buffer.from(`https+post+json://timestamp/${body}/`, 'utf8')
}, {
  authorization: `${code}@active`,
  broadcast: true,
  sign: true

Smart contract example (from here):

[[eosio::action]] void testrnd(std::vector<char> uri) {
  getURI(uri, [&]( auto& results ) { 
    return results[0].result;

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